I Kushal Ghosh, an MBA pass-out and a service holder becomes a photographer derived with passion. It may be surprising to many people. It is the story of the fulfilment of my childhood desire. I was very fond of photography from my childhood. The different photographs in newspaper and exhibitions attracted me much. I used to think if I could make such photograph.

And later after I was grown up, I got my first camera; it was a Primax reel camera and started capturing different things. I got my first DSLR in year 2014. I learnt the basic of photography and its essential practice from my beloved teacher.

Now I tell stories through imagery. Wedding’s are all about stories- feelings, moods, rituals and It is important that they are captured in most honest and aesthetic way.It reminds the happy memories after a decade. Above all the couple will live with relatives and friends throughout their life with the happy memories seized in the photographs and will enjoy with their off-springs.

''Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.''– Peter Adams


I,Moumita Ghosh , not at all the photographer, though attached to Subhmuhurat. I only play the role of minimizing the communication gap between Subhmuhurat and the respected client.

My work is only to establish contact with the respected client and also to maintain contact regularly So that the relation between both parties become smooth and organized that the total procedure (from making contract to fulfilment of the contract) goes smooth. Our utmost effort will be to deliver the deliverable materials in time as time is the essence of contract.

''Unless you have 100% customer must improve.''– Horst Schulze